Thursday, November 3, 2011

Move Over Jon Stewart:
Alyona brilliantly satirizes the Main Stream Media

On Halloween 2011, Alyona devoted her entire show on Russia Today to satirizing other political news shows. It was some of the best satire I have ever seen, on par with The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Saturday Night Live during election season. Alyona and her regular guests covered the news of the day by mocking how it would be covered by other shows. The episode included costumes, accents, and a fake mustache.

Her first imitation was of The Daily Rundown on MSNBC. She went on and on about the white house soup of the day as Chuck Todd is known to do. For the record, I enjoy The Daily Rundown, but to be sure, it is insider baseball.   

Second was her spot on, no mercy imitation of Erin Burnett’s CNN hit piece on Occupy Wall Street. Erin acted as if the only legitimate reason to protest Wall Street was because Congress had to spend money to bail them out, which has now been repaid. Never mind the fact that their irresponsible practices tanked the entire world economy and created a recession that we yet to have recover from. Erin Burnett’s piece was best dissected by The Listening Post at AJE. This parody and the one on Nancy Grace were my favorites.

Then came a fake GOP Debate with hilarious questions and answers. My only qualm with anything in the whole hour was the “would you rather” question for Cain from the fake debate, “Would you rather have sex with one of the women you sexually assaulted in the 1990s or one of your future victims that you have yet to sexually assault?” As of yet, there are only claims of sexual harassment against Herman Cain and as Alyona pointed out quite eloquently in the Nancy Grace parody, the press shouldn’t prematurely convict people in the minds of the public. A better wording would have been, “Would you rather have sex with one of the women who have accused you of sexual harassment or a future employee?”

This was followed by a debate breakdown. Then came her imitation of Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList. I can tell that Alyona and her staff put a lot of work into this show based on the detail and quality of their comedy.

Her show also included imitations of Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox and Friends, an ad parody from the Evil Debt Collectors of America and a fake campaign ad.

I copied the video above from Russia Today’s website.

I can’t wait till April Fools’ Day!

Originally Posted November 3, 2011

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