Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mohammed Kamin

ISN: 1045
Nationality: Afghan

The following is a summary of the allegations against Mohammed Kamin found in publicly available US military documents. If US military documents about this prisoner are inaccurate or misleading then this summary will be as well. The introduction to this set of summaries explains some of the terms used below.  

On May 14, 2003 Kamin was stopped at a checkpoint in Khowst, Afghanistan. He was detained due to his possession of a handheld GPS. Kamin said he was transporting the GPS for Abdul Manan.

Kamin said that Abdul Manan was a local cell leader of JEM. JEM is a militant organization that seeks to end Indian rule over the Kashmir region. The US military believes that he was transporting the GPS for Al Qaeda. Kamin’s 2005 DAB says that the GPS stored locations for key targets along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Kamin told US interrogators that he traveled to and from Pakistan transporting and buying weapons, explosives, and equipment that he sold to members of Al Qaeda and other militant organizations. He said that he was trained on operating and detonating mines. He also said he received small arms training.

Mohammed Kamin was sent to Guantanamo in September 2004.

Kamin told his 2005 ARB that if he is released he will teach the Koran, work taking care of homes and land, and care for his handicapped father.

Mohammed Kamin was charged with material support for terrorism in a military commission in April 2008. The charge was dismissed without prejudice in December 2009.

In January 2010 Obama’s Guantanamo task force recommended Kamin for continued detention. 

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