Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cosplay Convention

It takes a lot of self-confidence to dress in public as your favorite fictional character. This weekend, costume enthusiasts gathered to share tips, tricks and ideas on how best to create these outfits at the Figments and Filaments Costuming Convention in Independence, Missouri.

The conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was able to attend on Sunday and take a few pictures of some great costumes.

Eva Birch, who works as a paramedic in Neosho, MO, dressed as the supervillain Poison Ivy from the Batman series. Eva has created cosplay costumes for around three years and says the hobby requires hard work, commitment and persistence. Her Facebook fan page is named The White Dragon Armory and Cosplay.

Jordie Smith dressed as the personification of a synthetic computer voice named Kaito. The voice and character were created by the Yamaha Corporation for the Vocaloid singing synthesizer. 

Jordie appeared at the convention representing the Hammerspace Community Worshop based in Kansas City. At the workshop, members can create arts, crafts, electronics and many other interesting things. You can learn more about Hammerspace Community Workshop on their website.

Mandea Bermudez wore a costume she plans to wear to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival later this year. She is part of the cosplay group Lady Dax and Squires, which has a Facebook fan page.

Michelle Lana, left, wore a steam punk costume. Amanda O’Leary wore a steam punk Red Riding Hood costume. They both work at Amanda Lynn Chainmaille in Overland Park, Kansas. The company’s website has more photos of their merchandise in action.

Hillz and Rae, the Super Sirens, have both cosplayed for many years. On Sunday, they dressed as Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo. They have photos of some of their many other outfits on their website.

I also purchased several items from the venders at the conference. I was finally able to buy special effects contact lenses, which I thought were cool the first time I saw them used in cosplays on the website DeviantArt. I have never used contacts before, so I will make sure I consult with an optometrist before I use the product. The lenses are from U.S. Toy Magic and Costume Shop in Leawood, KS.

I bought a Raven neckless because she is my favorite character from the children’s cartoon Teen Titans. I also purchased a steam punk neckless, green tie-die shirt, Lemon Peppermint Bliss Tea and two coasters in the shape of rubix cubes.


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