Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Media Criticism/Factchecks

            Fox News
                   Fox’s History of Dishonesty
                   Cavuto: MLK and public sector unions
                   Sean Hannity: Muslim Brotherhood
                   Happening Now: Orin Hatch
                   Fox Business           
                      Fox News viewers are Consistently Misinformed 
                  Ed Shultz: Bush Tax Cuts
                  Morning Joe: Social Security
                  Rachel Maddow: Politifact Feud
                  Rachel Maddow: Bush and Ryan Plans
                  Alter: Republican Candidates and the debt ceiling
                  Raymond Davis
                  George Will Misinforms on the Stimulus
                  The CNN Debate: Excluding Gary Jonson
                  Debt Ceiling
            Associated Press
                  Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan
     Russia Today
           Adam vs. Journalistic Integrity
                      Politifact Misinforms on Fox News Misinformation

Media Praise
           The Rachel Maddow Show
           Journalistic Greatness
Political Factcheck
          Governor’s Debate
          Orin Hatch
Political Commentary


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