Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Factchecking Politicians and Activists
                Governor’s Debate Factcheck
                Orin Hatch Fact-Check
                Voter Fraud: Exaggerations and Consequences

Media Factchecks
                Harry Reid joins a Republican Filibuster
                The Deficit: A History Lesson
                Factchecking the Peacock
                Adam v. Journalistic Integrity
                Republicans and the Debt Ceiling
                George Will Misleads on the Stimulus

                Balancing the Budget: A Primer
                Iraq: Why we must leave
                Afghanistan: Why we cannot stay through 2014
                The Debt Ceiling Deal is a Disaster

Media Praise
                NPR: Excellence in Journalism
                Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown of Fox Business
                Dedication and Detail: The Rachel Maddow Show
                Rachel Maddow explains job-killing spending cuts
                Bias, Not Malpractice

                Where do People Turn for News?
                Where do People Turn for News? May Update


Debate Commentary
                The Fox News Presidential Debate
                The CNN Presidential Debate
                The NBC-Politico Debate

Debate Factchecks
                Factchecking the CNN Presidential Debate
                Factchecking the NBC-Politico Debate

Hard-News Articles
                The Kansas Budget
                Fun Facts about the Kansas Budget

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