Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anonymous and Karl Rove (2012)

[Author’s Note: This post is part of the 7 part series Conspiracy Check. The series factchecks the claims of Liberal commentator Thom Hartmann concerning allegations of fraud and treason during 5 presidential elections.]

Hartmann presented a video statement from Anonymous released before the election as well as a letter they had written to the election transparency nonprofit Velvet Revolution after the election. In the letter, Anonymous claims that Karl Rove attempted to use ORCA, a digital get out the vote system, to rig vote totals in multiple states, including Ohio. Anonymous went on to claim that they erected a password protected firewall to prevent Rove’s operatives from doing so. Hartmann always presented this as Anonymous’ claim, not as a confirmed fact. The title of the video of the first segment was titled, “Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove?” The video and letter from Anonymous were the only two pieces of evidence Hartmann presented.

Salon’s reporter Natasha Lennard wrote an article on Anonymous’ claim and reached the following conclusion.

“The onus is on Anonymous to provide further proof before we can believe these (albeit delicious) claims.”

I agree. There isn’t anywhere near enough evidence to conclude that Karl Rove attempted to steal the 2012 presidential election.

[Read more about Anonymous from Radio Free Europe’s Luke Allnutt]

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