Friday, January 11, 2013

H+ Chart Answer Key

H+ is a science fiction web-series created by Bryan Singer and Warner Brothers. They release videos each week to create a complex story about a world where implants allow people to access the internet through their minds. When a virus is uploaded to the system, it kills a third of humanity. For each episode they release a clue about the complex plot on their website The clue for episode 46 is a complex chart showing the relationships between the characters in the series. Each character is abbreviated by their initials. My friend Braden and I deciphered most of the chart and its secrets are listed below.

Grey boxes are companies

HpNt = H Plus Nano Teoranta
LoPeWa = Lord Pearce Wachter
MoSy= Mortle Systems

Green Circles are major characters

cS = Conall Sheehan (genetic father of the baby)
bPS = Breanna Sheehan (genetic mother of the baby)
lP = Leena Param (surrogate for the baby)
yG = Y Gurveer (the doctor)
kL = Kenneth Lubahn (programmer who developed H Plus)
sR = Simona Rossi (H Plus test subject, sees the future, in parking garage with Kenneth)
joB = Jason O’Brien (leader of the Luddites)
tK = Topi Kuusela (Finnish cyber cop who falls in love with Manta)
sW = Manta (Member of the group that developed wrist implant who falls in love with Tobi)
mS = Matteo Spina (the priest)
fP = Francis Peters (leader of the group that developed the wrist implant)

Blue Circles are minor characters

pR = Patricio Raiz (Scientist Kenneth talks to in the episode Meta Data)
fR = Francesca Rossi (daughter of Simona Rossi)
lM = Lee Martin (husband of parking garage family, dies)
jM = Julie Martin (wife of parking garage family)
bM = Brian Martin (son of parking garage family)
rB = Rob (guy Kenneth fights to keep from leaving the parking garage)
Pink Circles are minor characters who appear in one episode and only interact with a single major character
i = Ichiro (helped develop wrist implant)
a = Andy (helped develop wrist implant)
eR =Enzo (father who dies in Voci Dal Sud)
cR =Carlo (Enzo’s younger son)
lR = Enzo’s older son


H Plus Nano Teo mutually plots Patricio Raiz
H Plus Nano Teo mutually lapses Lord Pearce Wachter
Lord Pearce Wachter mutually plots Francis Peters
Lord Pearce Wachter rules Tobi Kuusela
Lord Pearch Wachter rules Manta
Tobi Kuusela mutually bonds Manta
Manta mutually plots Francis Peters
Manta mutually plots Matteo Spina
Tobi Kuusela mutually plots Matteo Spina
Patricio Raiz rules Simona Rossi
Simona Rossi rules Matteo Spina
Simona Rossi hires Enzo
Enzo spawns Carlo
Enzo spawns Enzo’s older son
Carlo mutually plots with Matteo Spina
Enzo’s older son mutually plots with Matteo Spina
Enzo mutually plots with Matteo Spina
Simona Rossi spawns Francesca Rossi
Simona Rossi mutually plots Kenneth Lubahn
Francesca Rossi mutually plots Kenneth Lubahn
Kenneth Lubahn mutually plots Brian
Kenneth Lubahn mutually plots Julie
Kenneth Lubahn mutually fights Rob
Julie spawns Brian
Lee spawns Brian
Julie mutually bonds Lee
Mortle Systems hires Kenneth Lubahn
Kenneth Lubahn mutually lapses Jason O’Brian
Jason O’Brian fights H Plus Nano Teo
H Plus Nano Teo mutually plots Mortle Systems
Kenneth Lubahn mutually bonds Breanna Sheehan

Francis Peters mutually plots Ichiro
Francis Peters mutually plots Andy
Francis Peters mutually plots Y Gurveer
Y Gurveer rules Breanna Sheehan
Y Gurveer rules Conall Sheehan
Y Gurveer rules Leena Param 
Breanna Sheehan mutually bonds Conall Sheehan
Conall mutually bonds Leena Param
Breanna Sheehan spawns the baby
Conall Sheehan spawns the baby
Lenna Param spawns the baby
Francis Peters spawns the baby
Y Gurveer rules the baby

dP is Breanna’s father and sFP is her mother. They both spawn her and they mutually bond each other.

dP, Breanna’s father, also spawned Francis Peters. This implies that Breanna and Peters are step -siblings.

Both of Breanna’s parents also spawn H Plus Nano Teo
Francis Peters fights H Plus Nano Teo
Mortle Systems mutually plots Breanna

Patricio Raiz mutually plots Kenneth Lubbahn

(unknowns = t, T, b, aO)


b is the African soldier who helps Topi find Dunbarra
t is one of the members of Peter’s team that developed the wrist implants
T is Topi’s boss that he talks to in the Snow Viper episode
I have no clue who aO is. 

Update (1/16/13): The entire series has been released. I have solved a bit more of the chart. By watching the episode Snow Viper again, I confirmed that T is Topi’s boss Tolonen. James (a fellow fan of the series) explained in a comment below that aO is Anthony, the character that helps Kenneth find parts in the episode Makeshift Engineering. I also misspelled Mortle, I didn’t see it spelled until I saw a locked commercial from them.

T= Tolonen (Topi’s boss)

aO= Anthony

Jason O’Brien mutually rules Anthony

Anthony mutually plots Kenneth Lubahn

Tolonen hires Topi Kuusela

UPDATE (2/2/13): Paul Parenko has solved the rest of the chart. He has also put the character names in the bubbles on the chart. Go check it out.

t = Trevor (member of the team that develops the wrist implants)
b = Babu (African soldier who helps Topi find Dunbarra)

Lord Pearce Wachter rules Babu
Babu mutually plots Topi
Trevor mutually plots Francis Peters

Breanna’s parents are named Dixon Peters and Slaine Fizgibbon Peters. The child’s name is Vadish. The last name of the Italian family in Voci Dal Sud is Roma and Rob’s last name is Boston.

It appears that I am the only person on the H Plus Google+ page who doesn’t believe that Manta’s real name is Samantha Wachter. Samantha sounds link Manta and Wachter is the name of a company in the story.

In the episode Two of Them (episode 40) Manta begins to air her conscience with Matteo. She begins her story by saying,

“Twelve years ago I believed I was everyone and everything, black hat reckless hacker living on my terms. Then I met a man, his name was Francis Peters.” (episode 40, 4:06)

We don’t get to hear what she says next, but she begins her story by describing herself as a black hat hacker, not as someone with a biological relationship with Lord Pearce Wachter.

Lord Pearce Wachter comes in to “clean up” Dunbarra (website extra for episode 39) and there isn’t any information to indicate that the company was involved before then.

I think that sW merely means that Manta is not her real name, which would make sense for a hacker working on a team developing real cyborgs. I suppose it is possible that Manta’s name is Samantha Wachter and that she has a biological relationship to the company, but I don’t think we have enough evidence to conclude that yet.

This blog post has become the most read post in Truth Matters history.
I have corrected the spelling of Topi and Mortle throughout this post.


  1. aO is Anthony, the side character that helps get the parts from the "Fiat" in the beginning to help (unsucessfully) bring back Julie's husband. the connection to Jason is how he's used in episode 45 to manipulate Ken.

    I agree with your other ones...though I don't remember who Patricio Raiz is. unless that's the doctor in Chile that finds Simona..which then makes sense. But I don't get how Simona has "hired" enzo as the chart implies.

    Also, a guy somewhere on google postulated that sW was "SaMANTA Watcher"...which might imply that she's related to LPW...I want to know where he got that from. because i've scoured the ancilary materials, the fake websites, and the episodes and can't find jack.

    1. You are right about Patricio Raiz. We see his name on a magazine in episode 18 Advent.

      Simona hires Enzo when he sees a vision of her in the field before he dies in episode 6 Voci Dal Sal Sod.

      Some commenters on google+ think the child's name is Vadish. How do they know?

    2. SaMANTA Wactcher is just a guess Samantha sounds like Manta and Wactcher is the name of the company involved in her story. I don't think it's likely, she always described herself as a black hat hacker, not as someone with a biological relationship to the company. The company comes in to clean up Dunbarra (website materials) and wasn't involved before then.

      I think sW merely means that Manta is not her real name, which would make sense for a hacker working on a team developing real cyborgs.