Monday, February 3, 2014

Abd al Hadi Al Iraqi

ISN: 10026
Nationality: Iraqi

The following is a summary of the allegations against Abd al Hadi Al Iraqi found in publicly available US military documents. If US military documents about this prisoner are inaccurate or misleading then this summary will be as well. The introduction to this set of summaries explains some of the terms used below.  

Abd Al Hadi was sent to Guantanamo in April 2007. In January 2010 he was recommended for prosecution by Obama’s Guantanamo task force.

In August 2013 Al Hadi was charged in a military commission.

According to his charge sheet, between approximately March 2002 and 2004 Al Hadi directed, organized, funded, supplied and oversaw all of al Qaeda’s operations against US forces, coalition forces, and civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Al Hadi is charged with denying quarter, “while in a position of effective command and control over subordinate forces,” for ordering, “that there shall be no survivors, when it was foreseeable that circumstances would be such that a practicable and reasonable ability to accept surrender would exist, with the intent to conduct hostilities such that there would be no survivors.”

Al Hadi is charged with attacking protected property for, “intentionally attack[ing] a military medical helicopter, which was protected property under the laws of war as a military medical aircraft bearing the emblem and distinctive sign of medical services of armed forces […] by firing at said military medical helicopter as it attempted to evacuate a United States military casualty from the battlefield.”

Al Hadi is charged with using treachery or perfidy for using a vehicle appearing to be a civilian vehicle to “invite the confidence and belief of at least one person” that the vehicle “was entitled to protection under the law of war” and detonated a bomb in that vehicle to attack a bus carrying members of the German military. Al Hadi is alleged to have done the same to attack a coalition convoy carrying members of the British and Estonian militaries. Al Hadi is also alleged to have used perfidy by using a suicide bomber appearing to be a noncombatant civilian to attack a convoy carrying members of the Canadian military.

Al Hadi is charged with attempted use of treachery or perfidy for attacking a US military convoy by detonating explosives in a vehicle appearing to be a civilian vehicle in an attack that did not result in death or injury.


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