Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ghassan Abdullah al-Sharbi

ISN: 682
Nationality: Saudi

The following is a summary of the allegations against Ghassan al Sharabi found in publicly available US military documents. If US military documents about this prisoner are inaccurate or misleading then this summary will be as well. The introduction to this set of summaries explains some of the terms used below.   

Ghassan stayed at a guest hose run by Abu Zubaydah in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Abdullah says that he arrived at the house in mid-February 2002. He says he taught classes to the other residents of the house in computers and English. Ghassan would later tell US interrogators that he thought the house was being financed by an Arab student society and that if he knew the residents of the house were fighters he would not have stayed there.

Two other prisoners at Guantanamo identified Ghassan as having attended Al-Farouq, an Al Qaeda training camp.

The unclassified summery of one of Ghassan’s Administrative Review Boards says that he was trained on how to construct remote control devises that could be used to detonate car bombs to attack US forces in Afghanistan. The ARB said that another planned use for the devises was to detonate a bomb in the United States with a mobile phone in Pakistan. The evidence for this accusation is not stated.

Pakistani forces captured Ghassan in a raid on the guesthouse on March 28, 2002. He was later transferred to US custody. He was sent to Guantanamo in June 2002.

Ghassan was charged in the first version of the military commissions. The charges were dismissed after that version of the military commissions was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Hamdan v Rumsfeld.

Ghassan was charged with conspiracy and material support for terrorism in January 2009. The charges were dismissed without prejudice in January 2013. 

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