Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mohammad Ahmad Ghulam Rabbani

ISN: 1461
Nationality: Pakistani

The following is a summary of the allegations against Mohammad Rabbani found in publicly available US military documents. If US military documents about this prisoner are inaccurate or misleading then this summary will be as well. The introduction to this set of summaries explains some of the terms used below.   

Mohammad told US interrogators that he trained for seven months in a militant training camp near Khowst, Afghanistan and then trained for two months at the Khaldan militant training camp. Mohammad attempted to travel to Kashmir to fight but was arrested at the Afghan-Pakistan border. As a result he spent 1995 and 1996 in prison. Mohammad also told US interrogators that he transported al Qaeda fighters between Karachi and Kandahar. He also said that he was paid by KSM to drive him around in a taxi. 

Mohammad would later deny being anything other than a taxi driver and promised to not return to fighting if released.

Mohammad was captured by Pakistan’s ISI in September 2002 after a raid on a suspected Al Qaeda safe house in Karachi. He was later transferred to US custody. He arrived at Guantanamo in September 2004.

Mohammad was recommended for prosecution by Obama’s Guantanamo task force in January 2010.  

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