Thursday, December 20, 2012


[AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is part of the 9 post story “Injustice at K-State,” that documents my interactions with the K-State judicial system. It was originally written November 19, 2012 and was edited over Thanksgiving Break. I published it during Winter Break.]

On Monday October 29 I told one of my teachers that I faced possible expulsion by the Student Review Board because I failed to check my email. I asked him to write me a note to present at my trial saying that I was a good student. He told me that he would but that I needed to start checking my email. I told him I had learned my lesson. He sent me the following note.

“To Whom it may Concern

I have had [Name Deleted] in two of my classes. He has always been attentive, and turns his work in on time. He interacts well with the instructor and other students and always comes to class prepared to discuss the topic at hand. He is a pleasure to have as a student and friend.

I strongly endorse him as the kind of student KSU should and in this case does have.”

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