Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nasrin Sotoudeh

Nasrin Sotoudeh is an Iranian human rights lawyer who defended political activists, opposition members, and juvenile suspects on death row. She was jailed in September 2010 on bogus charges of working against Iran’s national security and spreading propaganda against the regime. She was sentenced to 6 years in prison and prohibited from being a lawyer for 10 years. The government of Iran has a lengthy record of jailing, exiling, and silencing human rights lawyers.

Nasrin went on a hunger strike on October 17 to protest her prison conditions and the travel ban the Iranian government imposed on her family. She ended her hunger strike on December 4 after the Iranian government lifted the travel ban on her 12-year-old daughter. Nasrin Sotoudeh has been in prison for 2 years and 2 months.

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