Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Next Day

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is part of the 9 post story “Injustice at K-State,” that documents my interactions with the K-State judicial system. It was originally written November 19, 2012 and was edited over Thanksgiving Break. I published it during Winter Break.]

The following morning I talked to my parents about what had happened and they were as stunned as I was. My mother told me it would have been OK to call at 2 AM considering the circumstances. She also told me to check my email again before I went to class and I found this email from the Attorney General.   

“As you failed to respond to both KSU Police Department requests to meet and those requests sent to you by Dean [Last Name Deleted], you will be charged with failing to comply with directions from university faculty, staff , and law enforcement officers.

It is an expectation that students check their email on a regular basis. As
almost an entire month has elapsed since Dean [Last Name Deleted] first tried to contact you, and even more time than that has elapsed since KSUPD attempts failed to elicit a response, your excuse does not seem plausible. If you indeed did not check your email for a month, that choice, and the consequences that it may carry, are entirely of your own making. You are expected to appear at the aforementioned hearing.”

So much for the principal of innocent until proven guilty.  The Attorney-General assumed I was guilty before I was given a chance to defend myself in court. I was incredibly angry at him.

I also received this reply from the Dean.

“I am out of the office until October 29, 2012. Please call my office to schedule an appointment for when I return. ”

I sent the Attorney General this reply.

“And what are the possible punishments?”

He replied immediately.

“That is up to the board to decide. Sanctions can range from a warning to a suspension or expulsion from the university. ”

I set up a meeting with the Office of Student Life on October 29, the first day the Dean would be back. Then I went to class.

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