Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Police

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is part of the 9 post story “Injustice at K-State,” that documents my interactions with the K-State judicial system. It was originally written November 19, 2012 and was edited over Thanksgiving Break. I published it during Winter Break.]

Later that week I replied to the year-old emails from the police. When I didn’t hear back, I went to talk to the officer who tried to contact me, at the police station. He wasn’t there. I tried a few more times and missed him each time. After I provided the police with my phone number, he called me and left me a message requesting more information on the case; he didn’t remember the case by my name alone.

On Wednesday October 31, the Attorney General sent me this email.

“The complaint filed against you has been withdrawn. Therefore, your hearing has been cancelled. I would encourage you to follow the instructions of
university staff/Police in the future.”

He still believed that I had consciously avoided requests from administrators and the police. He still assumed I was guilty.  

On Friday I told my advisor what I had learned from the Dean.

On Monday November 5, I saw the reply sent two days earlier from the police officer who I had been attempting to contact.

“You can disregard the email request for contact [case number deleted] sent Monday 7 November 2011. This case was designated as "inactive" shortly after it was filed. A fellow student wanted to request that your attempts at conversation were "not requested due to her being engaged". I closed the case as inactive (close date of Wednesday 9 November 2011) due to the fact that you were never advised by her to cease attempts at conversation and that it ceased without prompting eight days after the report.”

The case was closed 4 days after I was sent the initial email.

I forwarded this email to the dean.  

So here is what happened to the best of my knowledge.

A year ago a woman I had classes with was bothered I was engaging in small talk with her and never told me about it. She then complained to at least one of our teachers who never told me about it. She then filed a complaint with the police and the police tried to contact me through an email account that I virtually never checked. The complaint was thrown out 4 days later because the woman admitted she had never told me to stop talking to her. A year later she files a complaint against me with the Office of Student Life even though I have no recollection of talking to her since fall 2011. A dean at the Office of Student Life attempts to contact me through my email account I virtually never check 3 times before filing a complaint against me with the Student Review Board. The Dean never attempted to contact me a second way before doing so. The Student Review Board tries to contact me through that same email address. I have no idea any of this is happening until I see the hold on my account two days after that email is sent. By this point the Attorney General is absolutely convinced I have harassed a female classmate and consciously avoided police and university administrators. And I spend the next 12 days wondering if I am going to be expelled and 7 more days before fully understanding what had been going on in my life for the past year without my knowledge.

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